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Edward Sturr | American, 1937 -

Edward Sturr studied photography within Chicago's legendary Institute of Design under the guidance of such celebrated photographers and educators as Harry Callahan, Arthur Siegel, and Aaron Siskind. The imprint of his formal education in the practice of photography is embodied through his photographs, in their bold graphic structure and interplay of light, shadow, and the elements of chance. Sturr's photographs enhance our understanding of the contributions the school and its students made to American Photography.

The photographs of Edward Sturr have been included in both solo and group exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago (1964, 1966, 1977) and the George Eastman House (1963, 1966, 1967) respectively.

Edward Sturr has published and lectured extensively on art education, photography, and aesthetics. He is professor emeritus of photography at Kansas State University, where he taught for 24 years.