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Robert Frank | Swiss, 1924 -

Frank emigrated to the United States in 1947, where he began working on commercial assignments for Harper's Bazaar under the direction of Alexey Brodovitch. In 1955 he became the first European photographer to earn a Guggenheim Fellowship. This award allowed Frank to travel the United States for two years recording some 28,000 images from which he selected 83 photographs to be published as Les Americains, (1958). The following year the book was published in America, as The Americans, with an introduction by Jack Kerouac.

Through his book, The Americans , Frank established a new expression of documentary photography; objective, highly personal and with a new visual language that would influence later generations of photographers use of the camera and interest in subject, hailing it as one of the most influential photography books published in the 20th Century.

Other books by Frank include The Lines of My Hand, New York to Nova Scotia, and Moving Out.