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Stuart Klipper | American, 1941 -

For nearly 30 years Stuart Klipper has made photographs in all 50 states, distilling and
crystallizing the defining characteristics of American regions. In effect, scoping
out the lay of the land and the hand of man - and what all may have been
wrought in places where each overlay: the fruit of enterprise, and, the sullied
tumult. Evidence of the land we are on and the world we find ourselves in; where
we are at and who we are; what we've done; and, where we can go.

His photographs have been exhibited in, and collected by, major museums in the
nationally and internationally; foremost the Museum of Modern Art, the San
Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Minneapolis
Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center, The Jewish Museum (NYC), The
McDonald Gallery (NZ), The Israel Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum,
Artium - the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art (Vitora, Spain), the Bonn
(Germany) Kunsthalle, the Moderna Museet (Stockholm), and the Center for
Creative Photography, Tucson.

Klipper has been the recipient of many major grants and fellowships including two
each from the Guggenhiem Foundation and the Bush Foundation (St. Paul,
Minn.), and three each from the McKnight Foundation (Mpls., Minn.) and the
Minn. State Arts Board and the National Endowment of the Arts; and other
grants from The Bogliasco Foundation, the Arts Board of Texas, and the Jerome

He has also been the recipient of the US Navy's Antarctic Service Medal.