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Wayne Gudmundson | American, 1949 -

Wayne Gudmundson’s work has been discussed and written about by many of photography’s most notable and articulate practitioners, including: Frank Gohlke, Robert Adams, and Ben Lifson. Robert Adams has affirmed that Gudmundson’s, “landscapes of North Dakota document a place most people dismiss as uninteresting, but his pictures prove us wrong as they record there a grandeur that we thought had been entirely lost with the passing of frontier America. They are the best current, composite picture of their subject of which I know”.

A native to the landscape which he explores, Gudmundson’s photographs reflect an ongoing survey of the Midwest region that express the sense of a particular place and of a particular vision. They depict sublime landscapes, that indicate both place and the people who reside within it.

Gudmundson earned his MFA in photography from the University of Minnesota. His photographs are in the collections of many prominent institutions, including: the Museum of Modern Art, Center for Creative Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Plains Art Museum. Gudmundson’s photographs have appeared in nine books, several public television documentaries, and an expansive number of exhibitions over the past forty years.