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Harold Jones, With Emmet
LeRoy Robbins, Coast Highway, near Oxnard
Clyde Hare, On Parkway East, Pittsburgh
Sage Sohier , Chelsea, MA
Mark Steinmetz, untitled, from 15 Miles to K-Ville
Bob Thall, Route 312, East Chicago, Indiana
Anthony Friedkin, Clockwork Malibu
Grant Mudford, From Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA
George Tice, Telephone Booth, 3am, Railway, NJ
Betty Hahn, Road and Rainbow
Lewis Baltz, Maryland 26
Elaine Mayes, Utah, Greyhound, from the series Autolandscapes
Michael Becotte, untitled, from the series Roadwork
Thomas Barrow, f/t/s The Automobile
Mark Steinmetz, Shelton, Connecticut
Wayne Sorce , Varick Street, New York
Steve Fitch, Sign, Highway 50, Washington, Indiana
Steve Fitch, Sign, Highway 80, Elko, Nevada
Elliott Kaufman, untitled, from American Diner
LeRoy Robbins, Untitled
Nick Merrick, Archway Standard Gas Station Intersection, LaSalle and Clark Avenues, Chicago, Illinois
Baldwin Lee, Arco Station
Earl Iversen, Gas/Eat Sign near Agra, Kansas
Lewis Baltz, Mustang Bridge Exit, Interstate 80 (from Nevada)
Roger Minick, Southern California
Stephen Salmieri, Cadillac, Route 1
John Schott, untitled, from Route 66 Motels
Ingeborg Gerdes, Pioche (Main Street), Nevada
Michael Mulno, National City, CA
Jay Boersma, Along the Mississippi
Earl Iversen, Girls Softball Tonight, Downtown Lucas, Kansas
Wayne Gudmundson, Northwest of Valley City
Mark Citret, Freeway #1 China Basin
Mark Citret, Freeway #2, China Basin
Mark Citret, Freeway # 3, China Basin
Mark Citret, Freeway #4, China Basin
John Humble, Construction on Ramp, I-105, Lenox
John Humble, I-710 from I-105, North Long Beach 
Tom Zetterstrom, Southbound, from Moving Point of View
Tom Zetterstrom, Sand Road, from Moving Point of View
Terry Wild, untitled
Will Faller, untitled, NYC
Lewis Koch, West of Middleton, Wisconsin

Press Release


Along the Road presents various photographs that take as their theme the roadway, its symbolism, and the scenes and stories discovered by wandering its path.  From views down the main street to people encountered at the edge of the city, the exhibition expresses the open road, its travelers, and the places seen along the way.  

“What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? - it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”   ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Artists included in the exhibition include Lewis Baltz, Thomas Barrow, Michael Becotte, Jay Boersma, Mark Citret, Will Faller, Steve Fitch, Anthony Friedkin, Ingeborg Gerdes, Wayne Gudmundson, Betty Hahn, Clyde Hare, John Humble, Earl Iversen, Harold Jones, Elliott Kaufman, Baldwin Lee, Elaine Mayes, Nick Merrick, Roger Minick, Grant Mudford, Mark Steinmetz, Sage Sohier, Bob Thall, George Tice, Stephen Salmieri, John Schott, Wayne Sorce, Terry Wild, and Tom Zetterstrom.