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Bob Thall, Chicago
Bob Thall, Chicago 
Wayne Gudmundson, Verendrye
Lewis Baltz, Model Home, Shadow Mountain, from NEVADA
Wayne Sorce, Chicago, IL
Philip Melnick, Ocean Park, Ca
Wayne Sorce, untitled (hupcap facade)
Wayne Sorce, S&S Restaurant
David Husom, Door County Fairgrounds, Stugeon Bay, Wisconsin
Elliott Kaufman, untitled, from American Diners
Andrew Borowiec, Vanceburg, Kentucky, from Along the Ohio
Earl Iversen, Elks Antlers, Medicine Lodge, Kansas
Michael Burns, Carrizozo, New Mexico
John Schott, untitled, from Route 66 Motels
Michael Mulno, Industrial Facade (Mason's)
Bevan Davies, Hudson Street, New York
John Humble, 5041 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles
John Pfahl, 814 South Spring Street (East View) , from Picture Windows
John Pfahl, 814 South Spring Street (West View), from Picture Windows
Bevan Davies, 94 Greene Street, New York
George Tice, Strand Theater, Keyport, New Jersey
George Tice, The New International Cinema
Grant Mudford , Irvine
Grant Mudford, El Paso, 1976