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Industrial Landscape, Kearny, New Jersey, 1973
Tenement Rooftops, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1974
Drawbridge, Morgan, New Jersey, 1973
Rooftops, 21st and King Street, Paterson, New Jersey, 1969
Lexington Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, 1973
Jimmy's Bar and Grill, Newark, New Jersey, 1973
Dari O´ Lite, Wood Avenue, Linden, New Jersey, 1973
Gar's Bakery and Leisure Laundry, Newark, New Jersey, 1974
Hudson's Fish Market, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1973
New International Cinema, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1974
White Castle, Route #1, Rahway, New Jersey, 1973
Strand Theater, Keyport, New Jersey, 1973
Steve's Diner, Route 130, North Brunswick, New Jersey, 1974
Goldy Pharmacy, Mount Holly, New Jersey, 1974
Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1973
Ferry Slip, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1979
Car for Sale, Paterson, New Jersey, 1969
Petit's Mobil Station, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1974
Telephone Booth, 3 am, Railway, New Jersey, 1974
Palace Funhouse, Ashbury Park, New Jersey, 1995
Minnie's Go-Go, Route 130, Merchantville, New Jersey, 1975
Lakewood Manor Motel, Lakewood, New Jersey, 1998
Oak Tree Holmdel, New Jersey, 1970
Houses, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, 1974
Houses and Water Towers, Moorestown, New Jersey, 1973
Ideal Diner, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 1980
Dorn's Photoshop, Red Bank, New Jersey, 1999
Pulaski Skyway, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1974
Railroad Bridge, High Bridge, New Jersey, 1974

Press Release


Photographs 1953-2013

A Tribute

June 21 - July 30, 2022


“It takes the passage of time before an image of a commonplace subject can be assessed. The great difficulty of what I attempt is seeing beyond the moment; the everydayness of life gets in the way of the eternal.” - George Tice

The gallery’s current exhibition is a tribute to the lifework of George Tice, including many vintage prints of both famous and lesser-known images. Signed copies of his new book, Lifework, 1953-2013, are also available.

Tice is drawn to vestiges of American culture on the verge of extinction-from people in rural or small-town communities to suburban buildings and neighborhoods that are often in decline. Although he has photographed throughout the Northwestern United States, he is best known for pictures of his native New Jersey, and the impeccable quality of his black-and-white prints.

Tice was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey--the state in which his ancestors had settled generations earlier. At fourteen, he joined a camera club. A turning point in his self-training happened two years later when a professional photographer critiquing club members' work praised his picture of an alleyway. Tice briefly studied commercial photography at Newark Vocational and Technical High School; he then joined the Navy. A published image he made of an explosion aboard an American ship caught the eye of photographer Edward Steichen, who purchased it for The Museum of Modern Art. For about a decade, Tice worked as a portrait photographer and helped establish a gallery. That success enabled him to concentrate on personal projects.

In the 1960s, Tice shifted from smaller camera formats to larger ones, which enabled him to craft carefully toned and detailed prints. He portrayed traditional Amish and Shaker communities, as well as the hard lives of fishermen in Maine. In the 1970s, Tice began exploring his home state. Those photographs formed the beginnings of his Urban Landscapes series, which he worked on until the year 2000.

Awards include: The Frank Roy Fraprie Medal in the 32nd International Photographic Exhibition at the Boston Camera Club, 1964; National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship; Guggenheim Fellowship; Grand Prix du Festival d'Arles, 1973; Inducted into the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame. Awarded the "Michael," designed by Michael Graves, 1987; Joint fellowship from National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television and Bradford and Ilkley College, Bradford, UK, 1990; New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship, 1998; New Jersey State Council for the Humanities Honor Book for Urban Landscapes, 2003; Honorary Doctorate from William Paterson University, 2003; Lucie Award for Lifetime Achievement, 2015.

His publications include Fields of Peace: A Pennsylvania German Album (1970), Paterson, New Jersey (1972), Seacoast Maine: People and Places (1973), Urban Landscapes: A New Jersey Portrait (1975), and Hometowns: An American Pilgrimage (1988), and his most recent publication, Lifework, Photographs, 1953-2013. Tice has taught at the Maine Photographic Workshops since 1977.