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Church, Payette, Idaho, 2010
Abandoned Restaurant, Russellville, Alabama, 2010
Whispering Pines Motel, Tasley Virginia, 2010
The Last Frontier, Salton Sea, California, 2010
Free Satellite, Quartzite, Arizona, 2010
Disc Sunset Palace, Stuttgart, Arkansas, 2010
Barber Shop, McLean, Texas, 2010
Seabash, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2010
Closed, Enoch, Utah, 2010
Town Hall, Bear City, Utah, 2010
Twin Buttes, Atomic City, Idaho, 2010
Veterans Memorial Hall, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 2010
Owen's Frozen Food Locker, Pine Bluff, Arkansas , 2010
View from Motel, Pocatello, Idaho, 2010
Intersection, Wheeling, West Virginia, 2010
Great River Road, Iowa, 2010
Rudy's Dancing Club, Blythe, California, 2010
Exotic Dancers Ahead, Seward, Pennsylvania, 2010
Costumes, Make-Up, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2010
Yellow Building, Tulare, California, 2010
Apartmetns and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 2010
Hindu Temple, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2010
Blue Car, Hammond, Indiana, 2010
For Sale, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2010
Dry Cleaning, Tailoring, Washington DC, 2010
Midwest Title Loans, Marshall, Illinois, 2010
King Drive-In, Russellville, Alabama, 2010
House and Tower, South Wayne, Wisconsin, 2010

Press Release

Throughout his career, John Humble has been primarily engaged with photographing the Los Angeles landscape with a 4x5 view camera. In 2010, Humble decided to broaden his scope and drive across the country and back on smaller country roads photographing the American landscape with a 35mm digital camera, allowing him more freedom and mobility. His explorations were done by car, and his discoveries became part of the great tradition of American photographic road trips. Like his Los Angeles photographs, these images are about insights in juxtaposition, irony, light and color.