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Gary Krueger, Los Angeles
Baldwin Lee, Untitled
Mark Steinmetz, Carey in Full Sun, Farmington, Georgia
Dr. Dain L Tasker, X-ray of a Lily
Betty Hahn, Road and Rainbow
John Humble, 719 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, May 13, 1995
Steve Fitch, Drive-In Theater, San Fernando Valley, CA

Press Release

Please visit the inaugural photo fair of the non-profit Photographic Arts Council Los Angeles. Its mission is to further an evolving and public conversation about photography and lens-based arts. Discover vintage to contemporary photography — with diverse curatorial focus presented by exhibitors established in the field. You'll find works priced in a range for beginning to advanced collectors, and join the community to participate in thoughtful free programming based on the artwork at the fair.

Fair Hours:

Saturday, February 18 · 11-7

Sunday, February 19 · 11-5

Bergamot Station Arts Center

Danziger Gallery — Suite B1

F R E E  A D M I S S I O N

More info at: