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Grant Rusk Glendale, CA
Gene Kennedy Apartments and Trailer Park, Tierra Santa, San Diego, CA
Gregory Conniff Madison, WI
Andrew Borowiec Midland, PA,
Terry Wild untitled, PA
Oscar Bailey Pedestrian Overpass
Bob Thall Chicago, 1974
John Divola untitled (from 20/20 portfolio)
Earl Iverson Palm Tree Sign near Atchinson, Kansas
George Tice Beauty Rest Motel, Route 1, Edison, New Jersey
John Schott untitled, from Route 66 Motels
Bevan Davies West Broome Street, NY
John Meyers Tye Gardens
Wayne Gudmundson Northwest of Valley City
Grant Mudford El Paso
Michael Mulno Residential View, Allied Gardens, San Diego
Philip Melnick Montclair, CA
Lewis Baltz Maryland #6
Rhondal McKinney untitled, Illinois Landscape
Harold Jones With Emmet