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Drive-in Theater, Highway 1-10, Loma Linda, CA, 1974
Melody Drive-in Theater, Springfield, Ohio, 1974
West End Drive-in Theater, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1973
Drive-in Theater, Highway 81, Waco, Texas, 1973
69 Drive-in Theater, Checotah, Oklahoma, 1974
Super Skyway Drive-in Theater, Highway I-78, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1973
Drive-in Theater, Highway I-90, Chamberlain, South Dakota, 1973
Drive-in Theater, Highway 80, Dallas, Texas, 1973
Van Nuys Drive-in Theater, CA, 1973
Drive-in Theater, El Paso, Texas, 1973
Drive-in Theater, San Fernando Valley, California, 1973
Drive-in Theater, Highway 385, Dalhart, Texas, 1974
Drive-in Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 1973
Drive-in Theater, San Antonio, Texas, 1973
Cactus Drive-in Theater, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1974
Drive-in Theater, Laredo, Texas, 1974
Drive-in Theater, Highway 89, Dallas, Texas, 1973
Dixie Cruise-in, near Franklin, Ohio, 1974
Super Skyway Drive-in Theater, Highway I-78, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1973
Star-Vu Drive-In Theater, Longmont, Colorado, 1980
Gemini Drive-In Theater, Victoria, Texas, 1981
69 Drive-In Theater Checotah, Oklahoma, 1982
Drive-In Theater, Van Horn, Texas, 1981
Cactus Drive-In Theater, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1982
Trail Drive-In Theater, Clayton, New Mexico, 1994
Circle Drive-In Theater, Waco Texas, 1981
Prairie Drive-In Theater, Dumas, Texas, 1980
Drive-In Theater, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1980
Drive-In Theater, Price, Utah, 1983
Frontier Drive-In Theater, Center, Colorado, 2009
Prairie Drive-In Theater, Dumas, Texas, 1981
8th Street Drive-In Theater, Colorado Springs, 1980
Border Towntown Drive-In Theater, Laredo, Texas, 1985
Victory Drive-In Theater, Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, 1981
Ft. Union Drive-In Theater, Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1982
Jet Drive-In Theater, Tularosa, New Mexico, 1983

Press Release

Joseph Bellows Gallery is extending the Steve Fitch: Drive-In Theaters exhibition through March18th in the gallery's Atrium exhibition space.  Drive-In Theaters showcases a remarkable selection of vintage and modern gelatin silver prints together with color images representing the architecture of these distinctly American movie-viewing monuments.

For more than forty years, Steve Fitch has been photographing the American West revealing its changing vernacular landscape and vanishing roadside attractions. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1971 with a bachelor's degree in anthropology, and while teaching photography at the ASUC Studio on the Berkeley campus, Fitch began work on a project photographing the vernacular roadside of the American highway. He received two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships to aid in completing this project, one in 1973 and the second in 1975, and published the acclaimed monograph, Diesels and Dinosaurs (1976). His serial photographs of the Drive-Ins, seen together, shape an intriguing typology of a disappearing architectural form. These cinematic landmarks are now mostly artifacts of a shifting cultural landscape; they are, however, perfectly preserved in Fitch's extraordinary photographs, which mostly picture their subject under the fluorescent glow of the Drive-In's signage.

Fitch received his master's degree in fine arts from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1978. After graduating, He accepted a teaching position at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In 1981, as a member of the "Marks and Measures" project, he began photographing prehistoric Native American pictograph and petroglyph sites in the American West, funded by the last National Endowment for the Arts Survey Grant in 1981. His work on the project, along with that of the other four project members, was published in a monograph, Marks in Place: Contemporary Responses to Rock Art, by the University of New Mexico Press in 1988. 

In 1990, after teaching at Princeton University for four years in the Visual Arts Program, Fitch returned to New Mexico and began photographing the ongoing abandonment of the High Great Plains, receiving the Eliot Porter Fellowship from the New Mexico Council for Photography in 1999 to aid in the completion of this project. In 2003, a book of these photographs entitled Gone: Photographs of Abandonment on the High Plains, published by the University of New Mexico Press and the University of New Mexico Art Museum, was organized into a traveling exhibition. Fitch's work is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York; J. Paul Getty Museum; Amon Carter Museum, Center for Creative Photography, California Museum of Photography, among others. 

Monographs on Steve Fitch's work include Diesels and Dinosaurs (Long Run Press, 1976), Gone: Photographs of Abandonment on the High Plains (University of New Mexico Press, 2002), Motel Signs (Nazraeli Press, 2018), American Motels Signs (The Velvet Cell, 2016), Vanishing Vernacular: Western Landmarks (George F. Thompson, 2018), American Motels Signs II (The Velvet Cell, 2020).

To request high-resolution press images or further information, please get in touch with the gallery at