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Farm Road, Lyon County, Minnesota
Cornfield, County Road 108, Ottertail County, Minnesota
Minnesota City, Minnesota
Derelict drive-in theatre, Darwin, Minnesota
Cornfield, Shed, Webster County, Iowa
Baseball backstop, cornfield, highway 50, Stearns County, Minnesota
Eastern Colorado c. 2000
Fleeing Flock, Lamar County, Mississippi
Farmstead, Fields, Pierce County, Wisconsin
Clarkdale, Mississippi 1992
Farmstead, tracks, overpass, near Lyndonville, Caledonia County, Vermont
Highway 2, West Virginia
Palm Grove, RR Yard, Riverside, CA
Pond near Southborough, Massachusetts
Pond, Woods, Ulster County, N.Y.S.
Drowned Trees, Wauby Lake, Day County, South Dakota
Verchota Landing, Mississippi River, Near Minnesota City, Winona County
Lake Minnetonka, Hennipe
Fields, Trempelau County, Wisconsin
Prins Christians Sund, Greenland
Spryte Tracks, South Pole Plateau, Antarctica
Yacht, "Warbaby", Maxwell Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
Swell, near 50°S, Southern Ocean, Antarctica
Swell, SE Pacific Ocean, off Tierra del Fuego
Striated Berg, Neumayer Channel, Antarctica
'Castle' 'berg, near Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
Grounded Berg, Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island, Antarctica
Amundson Sea, Southern Ocean, Antarctica
Dawn, Horno Corcovado, Golfo de Corcovado, Chile
Emperor Penguins, McMurdo Sound Sea Ice, Rosa Sea, Antarctica
Emperor Penguin, the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer, Amundsen Sea, Southern Ocean, Anarctica
Penguins on Toppled Iceberg, off Deception Island, Antarctica
Brash Ice, Fans Josef Land
Tabular Iceberg, Fazil Ice, Amundsen Sea, Southern Ocean, Antarctica
Grounded Iceberg, Disko Bay, Greenland
Highway 232, Hill County, Montana