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Varick Street, New York, 1984
El Platform, Chicago, 1978
Bee Gee's, New York, 1984
Hats, 1985
Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1985
S & S Restaurant and Bar, Chicago, c. 1980s
L.B. Oil, New York, 1984
Barber Shop, New York, 1985
East Chicago, Indiana, 1978
Fort Dearborn Coffee, Chicago, 1977
Dalmations, Chicago, 1976
Spiral Fire Escapes, Chicago, 1975
Chock full o' Nuts, 1984
Five Bros, 1982
Blankets, 1986
Pepsi-Cola Sign, 1985
Hubcaps, 1985
untitled, houses, c. 1985
untitled, facade, c. 1985
Chicago, c. 1980

Press Release

Wayne Sorce: Color presents a remarkable selection Sorce’s luminous large-scale color photographs of urban environments taken mostly in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in both Chicago and New York City. His urban landscapes describe, with a formal exactitude, the light, architecture, and palette of these cities within a certain era. For Sorce, the urban scene is both still and transitory; people appear in the photographs as both inhabitants, as well as sculptural forms relating to a larger composed scene.